Looking for a makeup remover that will remove makeup with one swipe and on top of that is lash extensions safe? We’vegot you covered!

Read our lash expert’s review on our Pure Clear Makeup Remover and why you should consider retailing it:

Pure Clear removed my makeup easily with no stinging or sensitivity. I used it on a wet cotton round to remove my makeup every evening. Tip: Wetting the cotton round will prevent the cotton from sticking to the lashes and also makes your product last longer. The remover was soft and soothing on my face and left my skin feeling moisturized. After using the remover for 30 days, it did not affect the bond of my lash extensions. The makeup remover has natural ingredients with herb extracts and has a clean and fresh smell to it. I will definitely keep this in my vanity bag and it is already my go to product to remove my makeup!

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