Scorched lashes? No one wants that! 

Whether it’s your blow dryer on the highest heat setting, stoves, ovens, smoke or anything with an open flame, be aware of how close you get your lashes and eyelash extensions to heat.

Not only can your lashes get singed, but extreme heat can also cause synthetic lash extensions to melt, which can make your lashes appear clumpy when they cool back down. What a mess!

Let’s look at some very common examples of what could happen – If you have clients that are smokers, you’d be surprised just how often the heat from a lighter can cause trouble for lash extensions.

Don’t point your blow dryer in the direction of your lashes. The heat will straighten out and distort them. Likewise, avoid exposing your lashes to high-heat cooking. In other words, don’t stand in front of that pot of boiling water! Relaxing in the sun by the pool or beach? No problem, of course!

Steer clear of high heat to avoid losing that beautiful shape you and your stylist have worked so hard to perfect.