By now we are all aware that we will be wearing masks for the foreseeable future! If this is influencing the retention of your client’s lashes, here are a few points to consider and ways to combat the issue!

Firstly, why does wearing a mask affect the retention of lash extensions?

When your client exhales whilst wearing a mask, their breath escapes in an upward direction towards the eye area. As you are aware all lash adhesives require stable temperatures and humidity levels in order to cure effectively. The increased temperature and moisture around the eye area therefore disrupts this environment and results in poor bonding and retention issues.

The increased humidity levels will cause the adhesive to cure a lot faster than normal, and can lead to shock polymerization. Shock polymerization causes the bond between the extension and the natural eyelash to become very fragile and brittle. Because the bond is not as flexible as it should be, it is likely the extension will pop off prematurely.

How can we prevent this from happening whilst still safely wearing a mask?

  • The first option is to use a strip of your micropore tape to seal the gap at the top of the client’s mask. This will redirect the flow of air downwards and out the bottom of the mask.
  • Alternatively, ask the client to wear a plastic shield on top of their mask. This will need to be positioned across the bridge of their nose, and will also work to eliminate the air flow up to the eye area.
  • In addition to this, try focus on keeping the humidity levels in your room stable by using a dehumidifier, or placing a small fan in your work area. The optimal humidity is 45-60% and temperature is 20-26°C. If the humidity is lower, it will dry slower. If it is over 60%, it will dry very fast.
  • A well ventilated room is key!!
  • Select a slightly slower drying lash extension adhesive whilst the humidity levels are high.

Find the option that works best for you and your client, and most importantly keep creating beautiful sets of lashes whilst keeping safe!