Volume Lash Training

Step your lash career up to the next level by perfecting the art of Volume Lashing!

Our Volume course teaches students to create fuller, fluffier lash sets that are customised to the clients eye shape and desired look whilst still maintaining their natural lash health. Using the Volume techniques, multiple very light weight extensions are hand crafted into perfect fans and applied to the natural eyelash. 

During training students will have access to the most up to date Volume techniques available and will be assisted in finding a customised pick up method and tweezer to suit their personal style of work.

Investing your time in perfecting this skill will set you apart from your competition as a master lash artist and allow you to attract a client base that values customised, long lasting sets and specialised technique. A passion for the lash industry plus dedication and lots of practise are essential if you want to excel at Volume Lashing!

All students are required to attend their Classic Lash foundation training first before advancing to Volume.