Volume lashing is an art which requires dedication and lots of commitment to practice. Investing in comprehensive training to perfect this technique will set you apart from your competition as a master lash artist. The benefits of learning these advanced skills will allow you to quickly reap the rewards from clients who value customised, long lasting sets and specialised technique.

Having mastered the Classic technique, you will now be able to spend more focused time with your Educator on topics like advanced lash styling, creating bespoke lash maps for different eye shapes, mixing curls, diameters and lengths, and good volume adhesive control. Learning effective pick up techniques will allow you to create Handmade fans that wrap around the natural eyelashes so the weight of the synthetic eyelash is evenly distributed.

These skills will set students up to create fuller, fluffier lash sets that are customised to the client’s lash health, eye shape and desired look, allowing you as an artist more control over the lashing process in terms of creating a bespoke look to suit each client’s natural lashes.