SPRING is officially here and with it comes the start of seasonal allergies for some! Itchy, watery eyes from high pollen counts at this time of the year can be challenging, especially for lash artists!

Here are a few things you need to know to keep your clients happy and allergy free during this time:

🌸 Allergies can lead to reduced retention and increase the risk of reactions, so it is best to try to keep them at bay before they get worse.
Advise that your clients invest in a good antihistamine to be taken daily in the morning before the symptoms start.
🌸  Make sure you have your Anti Allergy Gel and Nanomister on hand for every application.

🌸 Clean your lashes daily!! Our natural eyelashes are designed to catch irritants and prevent them from getting in our eyes. Extensions create a bigger area for allergens to get trapped, and as such it is even more important that they are cleansed properly on a daily basis. Our oil free lash cleanser is the perfect product for the job, along with a lint free applicator or cleansing wand. Make sure to clean right to the base of the eyelids as well as the tear ducts where dirt can get trapped.
🌸 Don’t pull at your extensions! Although this can be tempting when your eyes are irritated, rubbing or pulling will only make them more sensitive. For very itchy eyes, apply a cool damp cloth to the face to soothe, along with an oil free soothing cream around the eyes to relieve the symptoms.

🌸 Worst case scenario if your client has extreme allergies, remove their extensions for a month or two during the peak season to protect their natural lashes.