Give your Lash clients the best this winter! TLC has some helpful pointers to take note of.

Our Anti Allergy Gel absorbs fumes and odours, perfect for clients with sensitive eyes. Place the open pot of Anti Allergy gel next to your workstation to absorb the adhesive fumes during lash application.

The Nano Mister speeds up the adhesive’s curing process. Rapid curing leads to fewer irritations and allergic reactions from fumes. Clients are also less prone to dry, red eyes following their lash appointment.

As the seasons change, the humidity and moisture in the air will also change. This will affect the drying time of the adhesive. Before you put on the heater in your salon, take note of the appropriate temperature and humidity as this will affect the drying time of the adhesive. We recommend working in basic room temperature of 22°C – 26 °C.

Happy Lashing!